February 28, 2024

Most construction projects are one-off strives with several distinctive features that can create enormous risks. These risks could affect the timely completion of projects and possibly overrun costs.

If you take on factors like abominable environments, financial intensity, complicated processes, and such organizational and technological complexities, your construction project management could easily be delayed.

The following are the main factors that may affect the timely completion of a construction project:

1.      Project Complexity

The complexity of your project can be a significant factor and possibly overrun costs. You can also term project complexity in terms of its scale. For example, most mega construction projects like dams and motorways are more complex than small construction projects like residential houses and shops.

The complexity of a project will also result in a change in material prices, inflation rates, and changes in exchange rates. So much so that you might need to supplement your proposed/initial budget to complete the project.

Similarly, highly complex construction projects often result in complex plans, estimations, and schedules. If you don’t take proper care, you might end up with variation orders, leading to time delays and cost overruns.

2.      Change in Project Scope

Factors AffectiTimely-Completion-of-Construction-Projects

The construction business is very diverse and volatile. The scope of work for a particular project can change at any time during construction. Consequently, this will result in changed deliverables from the initial project at the project’s completion.

Therefore, poor scope definition from the onset of the construction could result in time delays and cost overruns of any project. That’s why professional architects always calculate the project plans, cost and quantity estimations, Quality mechanisms, and procurement from the initial project scope.

At Global Architects, we pride ourselves on helping you attain proper control of your project scope. Ultimately, we must all accept that changes are inevitable for any project, and most are often more beneficial to the entire project’s success. That’s why you will need a team that can adjust to your new project scope and still meets the project completion timelines and deliverables.

3.      Design Variations

More often than not, design variations/errors are major contributing factors to construction project delays. Most construction companies strive to capture accurate representations of their client’s demands to achieve better technical input for project execution.

However, this is easier said than done. You will need contractors with the knowledge, skill set, and technical expertise to understand and interpret your project design and specifications as you describe them.

Any fault in your description will mean inaccurate or insufficient project deliverables during its execution. This will also lead to incorrect technique applications in achieving successful results.

Achieving accurate project management designs entails proper project documentation and communication with your design team and stakeholders. Similarly, you must give sufficient time for modifications and corrections, integrate accurate design methods, and allow for extensive investigation and any other final approvals.

4.      Poor Weather

This is the one thing you cannot control. Understanding that you cannot control extreme conditions allows you to prepare to improvise whenever necessary.

Therefore, we recommend you account for slower paces in your working timeline if the weather is hot, humid, or cold. Professional construction companies will always follow safe practices to keep their crew safe.

So, when wet weather hits, you may need to provide your team with waterproof gear to keep things moving and accidents to a minimum.

On-premise software and other in-house data could also easily get lost in floods, fires, or other natural disasters. This can cause significant unavoidable project completion delays and cost overruns. But you can avoid them by preparing for them and allocating time for such climatic disasters.

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